Teachers and Parents: Share your Thoughts on Face Coverings in UK

On 23th august WHO stated that children who are 12-year-old and above the age of 12 must mandatorily wear masks at school to prevent the spread of virus. Although wearing of mask is not important in classrooms but it is just limited to the use of public transport or corridors wherein it is impossible to maintain social distancing. While many people may deem it unnecessary to cover their face but the fact of the matter is that face masks along with other hygienic practices do lessen the chances of covid-19 infection. People in UK argue that if masks were so important why weren’t recommended earlier? The answer to this question is simple, initially nobody not even the experts were aware of the seriousness of this virus. Staying away from the droplets, sprays, and the traces of the virus is important because

 There is no better way to prevent the virus from entering your body than to wear protective masks.

 With the lifting of UK’s national lockdown, markets are resuming their normal activities but the gathering of more than six people is not allowed. Blanket lockdowns have severely affected the economy of UK, even huge brands like Costa Coffee are cutting down their jobs. Only local lockdowns can be managed in few containment zones other than that normal life has to resume. Teachers cannot go without salaries and neither can students afford to remain without education. We have to make schools safe for students and face masks are the first step towards returning back to schools.

The exceptions on wearing masks should be placed on

 Small children who cannot manage to wear masks and,

 Physical disabled children or autistic children who feel suffocated due to the layers of the air filter.

 Parents who leave their children away from the main entrance of the school.

Other than these cases normal adolescents and children in secondary schools can manage wearing masks wherever social distancing is not possible. Even the parents should support face covering, it is for the safety of their as well as other children. Similarly, the teachers too have to practice hygienic routines along with wearing masks in corridors and crowded places. Earlier it was reported in UK that as long as the school follows precautions and hygiene guidelines, the staff and the students do not need to wear masks but after the recommendations from WHO the plan has been altered to a large extent. Some of the reports suggest that the most risky part of children arriving to schools is the crowded entrance of the schools where the virus can spread easily among the students as well as parents. Therefore, we are left with two options; one that parents should leave their children away from the main entrance to avoid the gathering or parents should also wear masks along with the children.

Furthermore, if the students and the parents feel that returning to schools is not safe and that wearing a mask may not protect them against the virus then they should adopt blended learning and seek Assignment Help or homework help through online mode from their teachers and other experts. Indeed there are areas in UK which could be called as hotspots, the Imperial College has devised a map to classify areas according to the number of active cases. If the weekly reported cases exceed fifty in every 100,000 people, then the area is regarded as a hotspot. Students and parents from areas like Rosendale, Wirral, Leeds, or Caerphilly should technically avoid moving out because these areas have a high risk of becoming hotspots of covid-19 virus. Even if the schools are open, sanitizers and masks should be kept handy. As mentioned earlier, for students fearing the spread of virus or students with low immunity should there should be a course of action which allows them to go for blended learning wherein, they do not require going to schools or colleges daily, they can go once or twice a week for example, for history assignment help or management assignment help. They can also approach experts online for dissertation writing services or assistance over any other difficulty.